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We’re Produced Local.

We connect local producers and artisans to local consumers.

Our mission is simple.

Produced Local connects Columbus consumers to local producers and artisans in central Ohio. We believe that supporting local and buying from people you know and trust leads to healthier families, stronger economies and happier communities.

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Who We Are.

Produced Local is the passion project of a team of locals with a deep love for the Columbus community. Frustrated by the disconnect between consumers and local producers, growers and artisans, we knew good things would happen if someone could just figure out a way to bridge the gap and bring everyone together. Turns out, we were that someone. By making it easier for consumers to support local, we all win. Our friends and neighbors have greater access to producers creating and growing in responsible, sustainable ways. Local producers and artisans are able to reach more people and grow their businesses. Together, we’re all making great things happen for our community and the people who call it home. Hey, they don’t call us Columbus for nothing.

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