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The Benefits of Local Food

July 09, 2015


Have you ever wondered what makes buying local food so much more appealing than buying from a big box retailer? I know I have, and I’m here to give you some very important reasons why.

The spectacular flavors.

Local produce gets harvested at its peak and made available to local consumers within a day or two of its harvest. This means you’re eating the most ripe produce available. That’s what makes local produce taste so fresh, crisp and full of flavor.

The health benefits.

Fresh local produce is notoriously healthier than what you’d find at your average grocery store. This is due to the fact that there is less time between the time of harvest and the time of consumption.

The local community growth.

Consuming locally produced food directly benefits the community through the reinvestment of money back into local economy. This community reinvestment is cyclic and stimulates economic growth.

A direct connection to your food.

Buying meat and produce directly from farmers gives you a chance to see the fields and/or the environment the animals are subjected to. It also provides you the ability to ask questions about the feed, fertilizer, or other topics that are important to you as a consumer.

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