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Here at Kitschen Bakery, we believe in a lot: We believe in people, we believe in community, and we definitely believe in 100% real, yummy food! Here are a few other things we believe in: original recipes with old-school roots, locally-sourced ingredients from folks we know and farms we've visited, all pronounceable ingredients, working with customers, honesty, integrity, giving back to the community, and preserving our Earth through composting..

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Kitschen Bakery

Westerville, Ohio
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(614) 300-7832


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  • pies
  • tarts
  • cupcakes
  • skillet biscuits
  • linzer cookies
  • drop cookies
  • muffins
  • rolls
  • whoopie pies
  • birthday cake
  • breads
  • pizza crust
  • pie crust buddies
  • bundt cakes

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